Coronavirus Covid-19   


Current government guidelines is that Wedding Ceremonies may still go ahead with wedding receptions of limited numbers depending on the size of the venue.  Naturally we are still hoping for a fast return to ‘normal’ for weddings. In the meantime we would like to assure all clients we are here to help where we can.  The vast majority of weddings we had booked for this year have been successfully transferred to 2021, however popular dates in 2021 are going fast, so we would recommend all couples check with us before moving dates to ensure your booked vehicle is available on the new date.  As the rules on Covid-19 are changing so often, and differ in many areas of the country, we will not be providing further updates on this website to prevent confusion, therefore we suggest clients keep updated of the latest requirements relating to weddings in their area from the usual main news channels.


In the meantime, let’s hope 2021 is a better year for all of us – Stay Safe, we’re all in this together, and together we will get through it.

Contract Overview: 


Onboard Safety

Your safety is of paramount importance especially where the spread of transmissible airborne infections are concerned.  Both drivers and passengers should therefore observe the current guidelines set down by the UK government and follow this advice while the current coronavirus is in circulation.  In addition Premier Limousines recommends in those vehicles that have glass division screens between the passenger cabin and drivers compartment these should be closed to help reduce transmission, for those vehicles without division screens then all windows could be partially cracked open to allow the free flow of fresh air throughout the cabin.  Drivers and owners should ensure their vehicles are wiped with a sanitizer on areas that are frequently touched before each hire and periodically throughout the hire, where possible the passengers should allow the drivers to open and shut the doors.  Face coverings should be worn if required by government advice, and both drivers and passengers should follow the social distancing rules set by the government when at all possible.  Where possible passengers should use the seats in the rear of the vehicle and using the seat next to the driver as the last option. At all times both drivers and passengers should follow government rules and guidance.

What if the Premier Limousines Cancels? 

If we (Premier Limousines) have to cancel your booking due to illness or because of self isolation/quarantine, then we will do all we can to either provide a replacement driver for the vehicle you booked, or change the vehicle and vehicle owner to one who is able to carry out the booking on our behalf,  as long as you agree with and accept the replacement offered, all will proceed as normal.   If we are not able to replace the driver for the booked vehicle, or the replacement vehicle is not acceptable to the client then we will be responsible for directly refunding the client all monies the client originally paid to us (Premier Limousines), including the deposit.


What if the ‘Client Cancels’: 

If the client has to cancel the booking due to illness or because of self isolation/quarantine regardless of whether this is voluntary or a government requirement the client would forfeit their deposit as the deposit is a non-refundable payment and these funds have already been expended for administration services and other costs to date.  If the client advises of cancellation over 43 days before the wedding date then the deposit is the only amount they would forfeit, however if the client advises within 42 days of the wedding date they would then forfeit both deposit and any additional money they have paid to Premier Limousines via payment facility. Remember, if you wish to cancel, it can only be accepted in writing [email or Facebook messenger].

What if the ‘Client Postpones’:  

Although it is not known how long the pandemic will last, it is only a temporary pandemic, and as that is the reason for the client wishing to cancel it is assumed the client will still wish to get married at some point in the near future so we will take this into consideration if it involves a postponement rather than a cancellation by simply changing to a future date where everything else remains the same.  By postponing rather than cancelling, your payments will simply be transferred to the revised date without loss. If the client has not yet set a new date they should advise Premier Limousines as soon as they can to avoid their originally chosen vehicle being booked by others. However, this may not always be possible depending on which future date you are postponing to, so should not be taken as guaranteed, therefore the standard terms and conditions you agreed to will always be those to which you should refer whether cancelling or postponing as they form your legal contract between both parties.  Remember, if you wish to postpone it will need to be advised in writing [email or Facebook messenger].

Premier limousines will do all it can to help the client in these situations but it must be remembered that we are  a small family business and have had a huge reduction in our earnings due to the pandemic.  

My financial outlay, is it protected?   

This would have been a decision taken by the client at the time of arranging their wedding or booking a supplier as to whether to safeguard their outlay and a wedding insurance policy has always been the way to provide cover for events affecting a wedding with most available for a relatively low cost, some under £20 to protect the entire wedding outlay.  With regard to the specific Coronavirus COVID-19 global pandemic, Clients and their Wedding Guests, Wedding Venues, every Wedding Supplier including Vehicle Owners, Chauffeurs, and Premier Limousines will all be affected personally, financially or both by this most damaging and unpredicted pandemic. We hope the advice provided on our website was of help to the client in making an informed decision about whether to protect their financial outlay with wedding insurance.


For future weddings, the client should always ensure any policy they may choose covers them for the specific situations they are looking for, as some insurance companies may have amended their cover for new policies since the coronavirus global pandemic became established.